Growth Through Innovation

As a speeded developing professional manufacturer in Electronics industry, Shenzhen Chenxinda’s goal is focused on manufacturing high quality electronic products, enabling consumers to enjoy more comfortable life from nowadays technology, using a mobile power bank,can charge power anytime anywhere you need when your mobile phone is out of power.
Those who are entrepreneurial and interested in seizing opportunities for growth and personal challenge will enjoy working at Shenzhen Chenxinda Electronics Co.,Ltd..
While team work is important, we also value individual achievement. Compared with other enterprises, our relatively small size means that each employee’s contributions can be more meaningful and visible.

Proud to Be a Part of  Shenzhen Chenxinda

It’s exciting to work for one of the most popular mobile power bank  brands. Shenzhen Chenxinda is a place where people’s ideas from different social sphere come together every day — where smart people work together to fulfill our customers’ needs and to drive innovation.

Cherish Your Offer

Because we value the exceptional employees who shape Shenzhen Chenxinda‘s future, stuff who works hard and make offer for their work,company will award to him/her on the Annual meeting.
Social responsibility is ingrained in Shenzhen Chenxinda’s culture. People who works in it will feel like work like a big  family.Shenzhen Chenxinda welcome its stuff to share their innovative and useful idea and suggestion.