Shenzhen CHENXINDA Electronics Co.,Ltd.,it is a leading manufacturer of electronics products,which with its factory locates in Shenzhen City.Mainly produce:Cables&Wire:1.LVDS Internal Cables for LCD Displays and Their Peripherals:(1),LVDS Testing Cables for LCD Display Screens;(2),LVDS Power Testing Cables;(3),LVDS Aging Testing Cables for LCD Display Screens;(4),LVDS Signal Controlling Cables;(5),LVDS Power Controlling Cables;2.LVDS Signal

Cables;3.Micro Coaxial Cables for LCD Displays;4.LVDS Cables for Advertising LCD Displays;5.High-voltage/High-temperature Cables;6.Inverter Cables;7.FFC(Flat Flexible Cables);8.Extension Cables;9.Customized Cables Solution.Boards:1.FPC(Flexible Printed Circuits);2.FPGA Series;3.Adapter Boards ;4.Power Boards;5.Power Controlling Boards;6.LED Driver Boards;7.Screen Boards for Medium and Small Monitor Displays;8.PCBA Solution;9.Customized Boards Solution.Power Bank:1.Lithium-ion Battery Power Bank;2.Li-Polymer Cell Battery Power Bank;3.Wireless MobileCharger;4.iPhone 5 Series Back-upBattery;etc.


Comfortable Office And Workshop Environment

Shenzhen Chenxinda Electronics Co.,Ltd. offers its stuffs a nice office working environment,clean and comfortable.A nice working environment makes its stuff more passion and higher working efficiency while at work.And our workshop working environment is clean,clear and comfortable.All equipments of production lines and workers seats are arranged by standard positioning.Windows.lights and exhaust fans are installed legitimately.Besides,cleaning will be done by stuff everyday.All these condition provide a nice,clean,clear and comfortable working environment for our workers.More over,during the hot period of Summer days,the center conditioning will offer a cooling sphere for our workers.

Production line and advanced equipments

Our production line was combinated by advanced equipments,ensuring the products quaity.

Honors And Certificates

In order to improve our products quality and protect human living environment,our company has been passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certificate and ISO14001:2004 environment management.